March 2017 Income Report

Why am I sharing this information?
When I was thinking about starting to blog, I got inspired by reading other’s income reports.  An avid reader of blogs, I was curious about how people could make enough money to support themselves while they did this cool thing.  I was particularly inspired by those who shared from the very beginning so you could see they too had months at the beginning where they made next to nothing.  It takes time to see real profit, and that can be discouraging.  Most reports I see are published by full time bloggers,  and I decided I wanted to share my income reports so others can see what it looks like to make money blogging part time from the very beginning.  

Why do I blog part time?
I am a student with a retail job and I run an Etsy shop.  I love to spend time with my family and friends, travel, volunteer, move, craft, garden and engage in other hobbies.  I like blogging, and I don’t want to get burnt out on it.  Also, I want to make sure I always publish quality posts, which for the first month each post has taken 4-10 hours before I hit publish.  I like to make sure I have enough time to promote, update my posts, and take financial initiatives.  I’m always trying to limit the amount of stress in my life, so blogging part time is the most suitable option for me.

All things must begin.  In my first month of blogging I made $0.00.
Keep reading and I’ll share my secrets ; )

Income Sources:
Affiliate Programs
Amazon: $0.00

Bluehost: $0.00

Starting out, these two are great.  The application process was very easy for both.  Amazon is easy to use, I just attach a link to their site with my username embedded to any item I discuss in my post.  If anybody clicks through from my post and makes a purchase, it doesn’t have to be the item I talked about, I get a percentage of income as soon as the item is shipped.  The more items that are purchased through my link, the higher percentage I receive.  When I’ve accumulated $100,  I can receive payment.  With Bluehost, you receive $65 per referral, which means if someone purchases hosting and doesn’t cancel it during the first month you receive payment.  For this reason, you get paid three months after the initial purchase.  This is just another reason why it takes time to make money blogging.



Strategizing and Goals:

Yearly Goal: break even

Monthly Goals

This first month I wasn’t focusing too much on the financial aspects of my blog, I spent my time working on my writing.  All in all I missed one week, due to unforeseen circumstances.  This is why I want to create a backlog of posts.  I want to get to the point where all my blog posts for the next month have a framework and photographs by the time my posting day comes around.  I want to do anything that makes me less frantic when it gets closer to posting day.

1. Have a backlog of three posts
2. Post by 3 PM
3. Photograph all posts in one day


I use Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to promote my blog, as well as staying on top of my SEO game.  My main goal is to have real followers/friends, for this reason I’m not aiming for a specific amount of followers.  The people I admire most on social media aren’t in it for the number of followers they have.  I recently watched a live interview with Summer Tannhauser where she gave out some of her Pinterest tips during The Passive Income Summit hosted by Caressa Lenae, and I’m going to incorporate them into my posts on that platform. 

1. Increase followers on all 3 platforms
2. Optimize Pinterest posts



My main focus is on my writing, but I always want to be taking steps to progress the financial status of my blog.  As I learn more information about the world of blogging I want to continually update my Bluehost post to be more helpful.  Regularly updating posts improve SEO as well, Google likes sites that do this.  Before I approach higher paying opportunities with companies or affiliate networks I want to have a more established site with more traffic to offer these organizations.  For now, I’m going to be using networks that will work with just about anyone.  I recently got approved by Google Ads, and I’m going to be incorporating a couple of them into my site.  I don’t know how I feel about them, but I want to test it out.

1. Update Bluehost post
2. Place Google Ads



One Day : )

Some of my favorite reports:
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3. Boho Berry

Cash Flow Diaries fantastic list of reports

Any other new bloggers in the house? Any income report recommendations? Any tips for this new blogger?

☮ Madison

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