Board Games for Two

I’m a little bit of a game enthusiast.  Every once in a while, I have to get rid of games in order to make room for more.  I love to go to secondhand shops and rummage through the games.  Occasionally I have to make a couple pieces or substitute parts it’s missing but it’s worth it when you get a game like Bezzerwizzer, that’s normally around $50, for $2.

Ty and I love to play games together.  We actually have tried to play every three+ player game we have with two people.  I have learned there is absolutely no way to play Clue with two players, but Outburst is pretty easy to make into a two player dual.

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Here are five board games we love to play together:

  1. Parcheesi
    The version we have is Pacheesi, which is the same, just a cheaper version with a smaller board.  We like to play with a couple house rules I grew up with (didn’t know they were house rules at the time) to make the game a little more interesting.  In this game, the goal is to get your four pawns around the board and into your home.  However, it’s not that easy.  You can use your pawns to form blockades that other players can’t get past or hop safe spaces to your home.  Also, if you knock someone out you can move an additional 20 spaces.  Sometimes, we like to play this where each of us controls two different colors, if we’re feeling a little wild that night.

  2. Monopoly
    We have the Monopoly Here and Now: World Edition, which we found for four dollars at a used bookstore in Tennessee.  I just love a good game steal, and it was even better that all the pieces were still in tact.  This game comes with six game tokens, which are different in every box, representing things from around the world.  The big difference between this version and the original is the money.  First, the money is in thousands and millions, which was easy to get used to.  The big difference is there is no paper money.  Instead of paper money, everyone has a plastic credit card and an electronic banking unit is used to track payments and balances.  I was a little skeptical at first, but I actually don’t mind playing with it, it’s pretty simple to use and makes it easy to set the game up.  When we have the time to play, it’s fun to purchase and trade different places around the world in this classic, wonderful game.

    This is the game all set up:

  3. Life
    Again, we have a different version from the original.  We have the Life: Simpsons Edition version of the game.  When my parents were getting rid of some of their games, I was lucky enough to inherit it.  This game is the same as the original, but each space is characterized by Simpsons culture and events from the show.  In this version you can adopt Sherri and Terri, become Mr. Plow, and reap the benefits for being mistaken as Mr. Burns heir.  This game is nostalgic for me, having grown up with the Simpsons, and having played a lot of Life.  I like to play Life whenever I want to play a long game, but not necessarily Monopoly long.

  4. Bezzerwizzer
    Last night I actually played this game for the millionth time, and still there are plenty of questions in this trivia game I haven’t come across.  In Bezzerwizzer, there are 20 different categories like technology, humans, sports and games, science, nature, traditions and beliefs, business world, and the one we dread, architecture.  Each round you choose four categories at random and arrange them according to which you think you have a better chance at.  For example, I would put humans in my four point slot, whereas I would put architecture in my one point slot.  Then each player gets a chance to swap or Zwap their tiles with another person’s on their turn, once per round.  This is when I would switch my architecture tile for a science tile and stick Ty with architecture.  Mwahaha!  In addition, each player has a chance to piggyback on a question using one Bezzerwizzer tile, up to two each round.  If you throw your Bezzerwizzer tile in because you are great at the science category and the opponent gets it wrong, then you get a chance to steal that question for three points.  I enjoy this game, because it’s a trivia game I actually have a chance at, as long as the architecture and sports questions come at a minimum.

  5. Risk
    This is actually a game I don’t own, but is at the top of my game wish list.  I grew up playing the 1980 version, and apparently there are a lot of different versions these days.  Personally, I’d be okay with owning the Star Wars or Marvel versions of the game.  We used to reserve this game for weekends or snow days, because it can take a lot of time.  Each player in the game is given troops, and countries they have power over.  The game is played carrying out dice wars that determine who gets to own each country, until one player has succeeded in world domination.  Risk is well worth playing if you have the time.

These are just a few of the board games I love.  It’s hard to find board games for two, so Ty and I play a lot of card and dexterity games as well.

If there are any two player board games you want to recommend, please share in the comments below : )

☮ Madison