DIY Hemp Jewelry Display and Storage

I would have to say necklaces are my favorite accessory and that being said, I have accumulated many over the years.  So when I moved into my last place I wanted something aesthetically pleasing that would also allow me access to all of my necklaces in the most affordable way possible.  With a ball of hemp, some screw eyes, and a helpful creative friend we set to work.

Now, in a new place with walls to fill up, I’m excited to be able to make it again and share the process!

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> Hemp – 9 pieces, each 30 inches, thinner hemp works better

> Screw Eyes – 6
> Clothespins
> Scissors (ones I used & cost effective option)
> Pencil (optional)

Step one: Position your hooks
– Measure your wall
– Decide how far in, how long, and the amount of distance vertically apart you want your rows to be
Since my wall is 40 inches long, I decided I wanted to position my rows 7 inches from the edge of the walls, leaving me a 26 inch row.  Then, using a pencil, I made a small x where I wanted each screw to be.  Vertically, I marked spots 6 inches apart.  If you have the space (or height to reach) I recommend having your screw eyes 8-10 inches apart.

Step two: Insert your hooks
It helps to nail a small hole, then twist the hooks in manually

Step 3: Secure hemp to hook
-Tie a knot using three pieces of hemp
-Tie a knot using two of the loose strings from the first knot

Step 4: Braid hemp loosely using a traditional braid
-All of the string may not be used
-Braid until your preferred length, I like mine to droop a little

Step 5: Secure hemp to opposite side
-Use the same method in Step 3

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 on the other rows

Step 7: Use scissors to trim excess string

Step 8: Hang jewelry with clothespins

That’s it! I like to put anything I can on mine, including necklaces, headbands, bracelets, arm and leg chains, gypsy crowns, bows, and name tags.

If you decide to create one, I’d love to see what you come up with.  Share with #canievendiy over on instagram : )
Questions or speculations? Leave a comment!

☮ Madison